Technicalsergeant Boyd Taylor USAF (Retl, DOTA

Documented Original Tuskegee Airman

T. Sgt. Boyd Taylor, USAF (Ret). l was born October 20, 1918 in Jackson, Alabama to Mattie and

Pomerley Taylor in a family of 9 children, 5 girls and 3 boys. He was the #h child. His sister,

Mary Hill, and he are the only survivors. He attended grammar school and later earned his

high school diploma through a GED TEST. He was drafted into U.S. Army Air Corps on July

25th, and went through basic training at Fort Bennings, Georgia. After basic training he

was assigned to Hendricks Field, Florida where he attended Air and Engine School.

On August 2, 1946 Boyd was assigned to 318& Army Air Force Base Unit, Lockbourne Army

Air Base, Columbus, Ohio and then to 477th Composite Group, Lockbourne AFB, Columbus,

Ohio performing as Airplane Maintenance Technician and Airplane Power Plant Mechanic at

332nd Fighter Group, Lockbourne Army Air Base in Ohio until October 1949, On April t2, t95l

upon promotion to Technical Sergeant he received assignment to Hamilton Air Force Base in

California. On April 29, 1951 Boyd was placed in flying status as Aerial Engineer on B29s and

C47's participating in regular and frequent flights as a crew member on flights monitoring

radar operations from Canada to Mexico.

On October 2, 1963 after over 20 years of service Boyd retired in October 1963 from military

service and began a second career as Mobile Equipment Metal Mechanic at the Presidio Army

Base, San Francisco, and retired in July 1983 after a total of 37 years of Military and Civil


Boyd enjoys reading watching sports and politics and most of all, exercising daily and living a

health-conscious life. He sincerely believes in helping young people to get a good education

which he feels is a part of his mission as a Tuskegee Airman.

Boyd has 2 married grandsons, Brandon Taylor and Troy Taylor and 5 great- grandchildren,

ages 2 to L7 years of age. He resided in San Francisco with his first wife, lda Taylor until

lda's death in 2$)1 after 60 years of marriage. They had one son, Robert Taylor [Deceased].

Boyd married Gloria Jones on December 2Q 2007 in Sacramento, CA where they presently

reside and are members of the George S."Spanky' Roberts Chapter. They attended the

ceremony on March 29,2007 when the Tuskegee Airmen, as a group, were awarded the

Congressional Gold Medal of Honor by Prestdent George W, Bush and the US Congress inside

the Rotunda of the U.S Capitol in Washington, D.C..