Born in London, West Virginia September 24,1918.

Elementary and high school in Fairmont West Virginia, graduation 1934 at age 15.

graduated from W. Ya. State College at age 18 with a BS Degree in Mechanic Arts

in 1958. Began CPF* training in 1959 at W. Va" State.

Entered military service as first Negro Aviation Cadet in July, 1941.

Graduated in first class of five Cadets, March 7,1942.

Commissioned 3rd LL, pilot and married Edith McMillan

on March 7th,At Tuskegee Airfield Alabama

Duty as Flight Instructor in Advanced flight Training School

Appointed Commander of the Fighter squadron, June 1st,1942?.

Entered combat in North Africa in May, 1943.

Became Deputy Commander of the 332nd fighter Group,

later Commander.

Ended World War II with more than 100 missions against the enemy

in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Returned to US in 1945.

Following the war, became the Senior Air Corps ROTC instructor Tuskegee Institute, Alabama. Later became the Dean of the School of Military Science. The

George S Roberts Squadron, Arnold Air Society, was named in his honor in 1950.

In 1950, reported to Langley Air Force Base as the first Black to command a

racially mixed unit in the Air Force.

Assigned to Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas as a student in the U.S. Army Command

and General Staff College, graduating in 1952 with a Masters' Degree.

Promoted to Colonel,June, 1952.

Qualified in jets after Ft. Leavenworth and reported to Korea in 1935

as full Colonel, commanding fie 51st Air Base Group.

Reported to Chanute AFB, Illinois in January, 1954,

Commander of the Maintenance and Supply Group and simultaneously serving

as Base Director of Materiel

In 1960, reported to the 313th Air Division on Okinawa

Director of Materiel. This assignment, in addition to the responsibility for all

maintenance, supply, transportation and logistics functions for all Air Force units,

also included the livelihood of 800,000 Okinawan's as a side issue.

In 1963, reported to *re Air Force logistics Command at Griffiss AFB,

Rome, New York Responsible for all ground radar in the USAF

This included BMEWS (Ballistic Missile Early Warning System),

the DEW line, the continental US. flight radar and the radar

controlling the Berlin Air Corridors.

In 1965, assigned to McClellan AFB, Sacramento, California to assume

responsibility for the Freedom fighter (f-104) for the entire Free World. Just

for retirement, served as Deputy for logistics for most of that fighters in Vietnam, USAF Space Missiles and overall logistics for the Pacific Ocean area hours